Bens Mode is a fashion fabric maker in Taiwan who always be at the top of trend. We are focusingat “Eco-Friendly” material which are Linen, Tencel, Bamboo, Viscose and Cotton.

The groups are listing as below:

A . Linen group

We do Linen, Linen/Tencel, Linen/Bamboo, Linen/Viscose, Linen/Cotton and Linen/Rayon

B . Tencel group

We offer Tencel, Tencel/Cotton, Tencel/Viscose, Tencel/Bamboo with Lycra and without Lycra.

C . Viscose group

Viscose/Rayon, Viscose/Cotton, Viscose/Tencel Lycra.

Our products are varieties from piece-dyed, yarn-dyed and printed denim and non-denim using for woman’s wear and man’s wear, too